About Roger Stanton

Roger StantonBorn and raised in Arizona, Roger Stanton is a college professor and cognitive scientist living in Southern Maryland. He is on the faculty at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Roger Stanton holds a doctorate from Indiana University where he studied cognitive science and psychology.

Previous to his appointment at St. Mary’s, Roger Stanton served as a graduate research assistant and associate instructor at Indiana University. During his time at Indiana University, Roger Stanton worked with Dr. Robert M. Nosofsky. Together, the two published numerous peer-reviewed papers on the subjects of category learning and old-new recognition. Notably, Roger Stanton and his former mentor published several articles arguing against evidence for dissociable category learning systems.

Since joining St. Mary’s, Roger Stanton has taught courses across a broad spectrum of topics in psychology. Primarily, Roger Stanton has taught courses in research methods, cognitive psychology, statistics, and cognitive science. He has advised a variety of senior honors projects, and Roger Stanton has served as the statistical consultant for all students completing empirical projects for their honors thesis.

Colleagues consider Roger Stanton an active participant in his students’ academic careers. Roger Stanton is noted for designing a curriculum that offers students both knowledge and hands-on experience so that they can apply their education to their future careers. Additionally, Roger Stanton served as the faculty advisor for Psi Chi, the Jiu Jitsu club, and the cycling club.

In addition to these research and teaching activities, Roger Stanton also has expertise in computer programming in C/C++ and MATLAB, and in doing statistical analyses in SPSS and R.

In his spare time, Roger Stanton is an avid tennis player and mountain biker. He has been married since 2001. He and his wife, Brandi, enjoy both domestic and foreign travel.